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Today NYYRIKKI are pleased the announce the signing of a full Finnish Battalion 1944 roster, a title that was released into early access at the start of this month.

The line-up includes former top level Call of Duty players such as JanzwE (Former H2K and ESPC player) as well as SLONE, known as EEtu in Call of Duty 2 and left his mark as one of the best players on the title. The roster see’s a blend of players from CoD & Counter-Strike backgrounds.

The team will represent NYYRIKKI not only domestically within Finland but have already began making a name for themselves internationally in the first open EU tournaments. So far, the team has placed 2nd twice and top 8 in another, showing that they have the potential to consistently become one of the best teams in Europe.

The developers behind Battalion 1944 have made a pledge to support the game until it becomes one of the biggest esports in the world with the early access response being somewhat larger than first thought. So far there are already two majors announced by Bulkhead Interactive with details to follow in the near future. However, news reports have teased of very large prize pools for these tournaments.

NYYRIKKI GM Joe Blewitt made a statement regarding the signing:

“On behalf of the NYYRIKKI management I’d like to say we are thrilled to have signed this group of talented players.

We’ve been working with them for a number of weeks now behind the scenes and we know how hungry they are to prove themselves as one of the best teams in Europe. From their first showing in BlitzkriegBattle, knocking out previous winners as well as placing top two twice in the FastFrags series, we can be confident in saying they are well on their way to cementing themselves at the top of Europe and on the right track towards being contenders to represent Finland at the future majors.”


 Janne ‘janzwE’ Mielonen (C)
 Eetu ‘SLONE’ Aittila
 Jarno ‘japekki’ Ala-Könni
 Riku ‘DULLIS’ Dahlgrén
 Ville ‘villis’ Viitanen

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