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Today we are pleased to announce the signings of Ville “wils0n” Järvi and Lauri “pietola” Hietala from Conquer Gaming to the NYYRIKKI CS:GO team.

Pietola and wils0n join to replace core players Chipo and shaker in the line up that won Insomnia’s CS:GO event in Pori. The new line up will be hoping to pick up the momentum where we left off in 2017 and push further up the ranks of the European CS:GO scene.

Operations Director and CS:GO manager, Matt Wright made a statement:

We are delighted to announce the signing of wils0n and pietola who have made the transfer from Conquer. These two players fit the groove of our team perfectly and with their experience we feel this can only benefit us. Pietola will become the teams new IGL. I am very excited to see how results in the future turn out with this team! A massive thanks to Conquer CEO Jyppe for a smooth transfer of the players and full credit to him for how he has worked with our new players to get them to where they are now.


Ville “wils0n” Järvi
Lauri “pietola” Hietala
Roope “tomsku” Simpanen
Toni “STOVVE” Liukkonen
Aaro “Hoody” Peltokangas

We hope this roster can take NYYRIKKI and #theHUNT further!

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