NYYRIKKI Leaves Battalion 1944

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We are saddened to announce the release of our Battalion 1944 team, with this we would like to wish the all of the players the best of luck in their futures.

NYYRIKKI General Manager, Joseph Blewitt commented:

“This has been a long overdue release and with sad news we have ended the players’ contracts and we’re leaving the Battalion 1944 scene.

When we first entered Battalion 1944 we knew that the scene would take a while to develop the infrastructure to cater for organisations and to build viewership, however we didn’t predict the impact it would have on the players. We were thrilled when we picked up this team and with their first player change we had high hopes for the future with plans to support them internationally to attend Gallantry Summer Budapest, Hungary.

The management was disappointed with the lack of support that we received from the Bulkhead team after contacting them numerous times while organising the first Battalion 1944 match at LAN with OMEN by HP and the Finnish Esports League.

We made more effort than needed to in order to push the game in Finland to show that it had tournament backing from organisers, however the fact we were ignored showed that Bulkhead were not focused on current promotion of their game and building infrastructure, but were more interested in creating hype by posting pictures on social media with various organisers that could benefit the game in the future.

After Insomnia62 we knew we were in for a long wait for any further announcements. I noticed individually when talking to the players that there was a real lack of interest in the game, not only was there was a lack of competition in the cups but also there were a few gameplay bugs that frustrated the team which I think were the “straw that broke the camels back” after months of waiting for esports structure. Motivation dropped and with team captain janzwE living away from home to work we soon realised that the team had given up on any hope that the scene would improve quickly.

While this was happening japekki mentioned their concerns on Twitter:

I would like to say on a personal note its been a pleasure to work with the players and also to experience the initial hype of a game entirely developed for competitive. I still believe that the future could be exciting if the developers actually follow through with their promise and things work out. We’ll be keeping an eye on any future developments that might interest us.”


janzwE also gave a statement on behalf of the team:

“First of all we’d like to thank NYYRIKKI for supporting us. We have been talking to the management for a long time about the motivation in the scene and other circumstances that were stopping us from playing the game and finally we came to the decision that we would not continue further. We have spoke to some great people in our short time together so we are hopeful that B44 reaches the potential we thought it had previously but that’s up to the dev team. ”

You can follow them individually below:

Janne “janzwE” Mielonen
Jarno “japekki” Ala-Könni
Eetu “SLONE” Aittila
Ville “viLLis” Viitanen
Matias “pehmiZ” Haverinen

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