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To begin, we would like to say a huge thank you to all of our CS:GO players and staff that have been working with us up to this point. The results have been encouraging against the top talents we’ve faced in the ESEA Advanced league (you can see our results here: NYYRIKKI Esports). We have however, decided to make some changes to the division.

Lauri “NiNLeX” Vanhanen was signed in May as the teams coach to provide a balance in discussions and also in-game strategy as we felt for a long time the team lacked direction. When Lauri was introduced, the team were looking forward to his involvement and just a few days later we saw improvement in-game and communication between the players and management also improved. Lauri informed us of his interest in other opportunities and we wish him the best of luck!

” As of last week, I’ve mutually agreed with Nyyrikki to end my duties as a CS:GO coach. As Nyyrikki was my first time coaching, it was a great learning experience for the future and I think good coaches are becoming more and more necessary when teams and players start to rise through the ranks. I think I managed to contribute much to the team during my time with them, but I personally didn’t feel the amount of time I spent with the team during the last few weeks was as rewarding as it was in the beginning, which among other reasons lead to my decision to leave the team after NeSa. I’m grateful to Nyyrikki as an organization for giving me this opportunity and also for a great work environment and co-workers within the organization. I’m also thankful to Nyyrikki’s CS:GO team for having me as a coach and listening to my insights, as the learning experience was shared between me and the team. I wish the best for both Nyyrikki as an organization and their CS:GO team moving forward. “

There will be 2 changes to our CS:GO lineup. As of today we have moved Roope ‘tomsku’ Simpanen to the transfer list and we have made the difficult decision to not renew the contract of Lauri ‘pietola’ Hietala after reviewing the current situation with our players. We are now trialing new potential players to complete the lineup.

Joe Blewitt, NYYRIKKI General Manager comments:

“We are all very thankful for NiNLeX’s time here at NYYRIKKI. He joined the roster at a time when the CS:GO team needed extra assistance in-game and out of game (communication-wise) and he surpassed our expectations in the progress of both areas. On a personal note working with him has been most-productive and a pleasure. This is exactly the kind of people we choose to work with and I’m grateful for his services at such a crucial time. On behalf of the organisation we wish him success in the future and we highly recommend him as a coach for any team that requires one.

We are very grateful for the Tomsku & Pietola’s contribution to the team, from representing the brand well and their individual impacts in the team I’m sure they can find success elsewhere as they are now free to look for other opportunities”

We are happy to provide an official reference for these players: joe.blewitt@nyyrikki.com

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