Twidi Returns as Overwatch Coach

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Today we are delighted to announce the addition of former NYYRIKKI and Splyce player Jussi “twidi” Tiipiö as our new Overwatch Coach going forward.

Off season allows teams to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of the previous season of play, with many implementing strategies to improve themselves for the season forthcoming. At NYYRIKKI, we took this opportunity to make another addition to the coaching set up of our Overwatch team by welcoming back our former high profile Main Tank who has now moved toward a career in coaching rather than playing.

Jussi has been working with our team over the past month as a trial for both parties to see how it played out and now it has finally been made official.

Twidi will coach the team for the upcoming Open Division season and Assembly eSM Qualifiers.

Jussi made a statement about coming back to NYYRIKKI:

“During my time as a player in Overwatch and previous games I competed in, I often found myself in a leading role guiding the team in and out of the game. After I was done playing for NYYRIKKI last November it took me a while to figure out my options and to decide what I wanted to do next. Coaching felt like the natural next step for me and I’m really excited to be able to put all my knowledge and experience into good use. Rejoining NYYRIKKI was an easy decision for me as I already knew how well the organization operates and I felt like the current Overwatch team is a great starting project for me as a coach. The main goal for me as a coach with this team will be to help all the players improve on both individual level and as a team to take the next steps towards Contenders level.”

Overwatch Head Coach Sami Ferm also made a statement:

“Already during the time twidi was with us as a player, he virtually had a player-coach role inside of the team and it was very obvious that he has the skills required to be a great coach if he so chooses to follow this career path beyond the coming months. We are very pleased that twidi decided to start that career with us and now he has rejoined we have seen his deep knowledge and experience in Overwatch translate in our recent performances.”

Welcome back twidi!

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