Nasse Joins NYYRIKKI

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We are pleased to announce Nasim “Nasse” Haque has joined NYYRIKKI in the role of Community Manager. He will also be working still with Team Finland in the OWWC for its duration and is attending Blizzcon for the Finals in just over 1 month.

General Manager Joseph Blewitt had this to say:

“Nasse is a well known figure in the Finnish Overwatch community and an example of the content we look to be producing over the next months is his work recently, flying with the Finnish Overwatch World Cup squad as Community Lead to South Korea and producing vlogs of their journey and progress. We have been on the lookout for someone with a content creators spark, extremely motivated and of course an interest in our brand. I’m really pleased with us choosing him as he ticks all 3 and it felt like the best move going forwards!”

Community Manager Nasse mentions:

“I’m super excited to be working with NYYRIKKI! Ever since the start of Overwatch World Cup I’ve been searching for an opportunity to start my career in esports, and I believe this to be a strong one. I chose Nyyrikki, since they are a growing and well known organization here in the Finnish Overwatch-scene. My goal is to help them grow and at the same time learn a thing or two myself with their strong values.”

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