NYYRIKKI Launch Grassroots Training Program with Trailblazers

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We are very pleased to announce our collaboration with Trailblazers on the first Finnish grassroots training program in Overwatch.

NYYRIKKI Overwatch coach Sami Ferm originally proposed that idea to the other NYYRIKKI management several months ago, that if players wanted a career in Overwatch there needed to be a training program by coaches that have been trained to a high standard and therefore they could use those standards when training players. This idea was discussed but in recent weeks we contacted Trailblazers’ Manager Kuhnu about collaborating. We firmly believe that multiple brands working together would benefit the Finnish Overwatch scene better in the long term.

The coaching submissions are ending today and player recruitment will be beginning in the near future through a submission form that will be open to the Finnish Diamond and Masters players.  The coaches are required to have a willingness to coach and the ability to develop both as an individual and as a team. You will see in the coming months a wave of coaches that have developed significantly that will lift the professionalism standards in the scene.

The first phase of the training program will include 12 diamond ranked players and 12 master ranked players. This will result in each skill tier developing as a group of 12, together and often in the same server. We believe a progressive and positive environment with a high coaching standard will progress the chosen individuals faster and further than before. This training program will help the professionals of tomorrow start their #PathToPro.

Trailblazers Manager Kuhnu had this to say regarding the collaboration:

“Its essential for the Finnish Overwatch scene to be able to provide top quality players and coaches in the future, for the scene to improve and keep Finland as one of the power-countries in  the international scene. It was very easy to say yes, when Sami contacted me and presented the idea.”

Kuhnu will be happy to assist you via Discord if you require further information: Kuhnu#9068

Updates will come shortly! #esportsfi