ENCE Activate Buyout for SlebbeN

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Today we say goodbye to Alex ‘SlebbeN’ Nordlund as he joins ENCE.

We’d like to thank SlebbeN for his performances and contribution towards the teams progress up to this moment. Alex has been a fantastic player for NYYRIKKI and we’d like to wish him the best in his future. We’d also like to thank ENCE for their hastiness and complete professionalism in this situation as time was of the essence.

Going forward we are delighted to announce Oskari “OSKAMOSKA” Huikko is back to the main lineup as our team travel to Dreamhack, Jönköping today after a bootcamp at the NYYRIKKI HQ in Helsinki. Oskari comes back into the team as one of the original members and we couldn’t be happier to work with him again.