NYYRIKKI Builds Two Team League of Legends Project

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NYYRIKKI is proud to finally be able to announce our expansion into League of Legends following a building period to produce 2 full-Finnish lineups, NYYRIKKI White and NYYRIKKI Blue.

Both teams have solidified their spots in Season 1 of the Finnish esports League by securing qualification this past week. Season 1 will kick off for both teams on the 21st of November.

Four of the players were recently competing and travelling back from the IESF World Championships in Taiwan representing Team Finland alongside SEUL.

Our coaching team’s goals will be to develop these players in strategic direction and implementation, tracking the progress of players and keeping a professional learning environment to compete in the Nordic League in season 2.

Aleksanteri ‘ATL‘ Leinonen – Head Coach
 To Be Announced – Assistant Coach


Sami “Voluxa” Holappa – Top Laner
Joni “Jonsonny” Lyömilä – Jungler
Elias “Yameru” Jalonen – Mid Laner
Aleksi “Kehvo” Merta – ADC
 Sami “Sammey” Kartano (C) – Support


Leo “Flair” Rautio – Top Laner
Jani “Dexui” Hernesniemi – Jungler
 Arttu “Artum” Mattila (C) – Mid Laner
 Kalle “Yazmat” Ollila – ADC
Ilmo “Tiara Rapeli – Support

Head Coach ATL made a statement:
“I think we have managed to put together two rosters who will be extremely exciting to watch. We are eager to start practicing and improving from where we are currently at and enjoy the process as it develops. We also look forwards to facing all other great teams in the Finnish Esports League this season.”

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