NYYRIKKI Signs Dennia to Overwatch Roster

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Today we are pleased to announce the signing of experienced Swedish main support player and former TF2 professional, Dennis ‘Dennia‘ Forsblom to our Overwatch roster.

The change comes as a result of Juho ‘Jönssoni‘ Pirttinen deciding to step down from the active roster to move to a role within the coaching staff.

Dennia is well known for his time in Team Fortress 2 as well as playing in season zero, one and two of Blizzard’s Path to Pro Contenders League in teams such as Orgless and Hungry, Bazooka Puppies and 123. He also has played for PENTA Sports and Gatekeepers in the early days of Overwatch.

Dennia completes the roster becoming the first non-Finn to ever sign for NYYRIKKI and hopes to move towards playing in Contenders once again if the team can pull off a strong Open Division run starting in December.

Statement from Dennia regarding his NYYRIKKI signing:

“I’m very excited about signing with NYYRIKKI. I see so much potential and skill in this team. It’s going to be a very good season, I can feel it in my bones!”

  •  Samuli “BAITO” Karppinen (DPS)
  •  Jussi “SKIPAH” Mehtälä (DPS)
  •  Tommi “Dommels” Pakarinen (Flex)
  •  Leo “Lepadef” Norpila (Tank)
  •  Dennis ‘Dennia‘ Forsblom (Support)
  •  Toni “Brokkie” Sauhke (Support)