NYYRIKKI Announce Second Overwatch Team

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On the 101st Finnish Independence day, NYYRIKKI Esports is delighted to reveal our second Overwatch roster made up of 8 full-Finnish players.

This new Overwatch roster has been built as the sister team alongside our current Overwatch roster which we recently decided to take in a Finnish and EU hybrid direction. From today our current roster will be rebranded as NYYRIKKI FROST & our new full Finnish roster will be branded as NYYRIKKI ICE.


NYYRIKKI have begun pursuing plans to become a dominant force in European and domestic Overwatch.

The new NYYRIKKI ICE roster will be coached by Leevi “lövi” Vaikkola & Teemu “Zypi” Jokela with Antti ”Anatec” Eskel making a return to a player-based role as team captain.

Head coach Leevi “lövi” Vaikkola made a statement regarding the launch of this new venture:

“NYYRIKKI Esports is happy to introduce our new 8-man Overwatch roster to play in this Open Division and in other upcoming tournaments! All the players in NYYRIKKI ICE are Finnish and there are some fresh names among with some experienced ones. We are excited to see what comes from this super talented team and it’s an honour to be supporting the Finnish esports scene even more!”


Eero “iRocket” Salmi (Main Tank)
Akseli “Akke” Helenius (Off Tank)
Teemu “Mynatzau” Mynttinen (DPS)
Oskari “Banadex” Haverinen (DPS)
Viljami “Herkkukurkku” Pikkumäki (DPS)
Antti ”Anatec” Eskel (Main Support) (C)
Robin “snappe” Uotila (Flex Support)
Riku “HUONOPELAAJA” Kumpulainen (Flex Support)

Leevi “lövi” Vaikkola (Head Coach)
Teemu “Zypi” Jokela (Assistant Coach)

The team will make their debut this weekend in the new Open Division season.