Stonde signs new contract for 2019!

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We are happy to announce the re-signing of Tom ‘Stonde‘ Glad for 2019.

2018 was fantastic for Stonde, under the contract with NYYRIKKI he managed to increase his viewership by more than 40%, almost double the amount of people have subscribed to his stream and with our support turned what was a hopeful career into a viable one. An impressive total of hours of 70,000+ was also watched by his audience.

NYYRIKKI CCO Joe “Karizma” Blewitt made a statement regarding the signing:

“Stonde has been nothing short of a gem in the streaming world for NYYRIKKI. When we signed him up we knew Fortnite was going to be the #1 growing game on Twitch and we wanted to find someone that was skilled and dedicated with the professionalism of a streaming schedule and his stream had many key features that are essential for any successful streamer to have.

Tom has represented our brand extremely well, not only streaming full time but working on promotional material with us, playing the role of teacher in an esports school to help aspiring esports professionals reach their goals, incredible work ethic and has always told us how much he wants to give back to his viewers that continue to support him.

I made it our priority that we got Tom’s signature as soon as possible for 2019. He is essential to us and we know how much exposure he’s brought to our organisation and our partners. In 2019 we have increased our support for him and his stream significantly and we can’t wait to get started!”

Make sure to follow Stonde’s stream and turn notifications on so you can join #theHUNT when he’s live!