Kalenski Joins NYYRIKKI

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After the New Year break NYYRIKKI are back and preparing for The Invitational Qualifiers and Challenger League Qualifiers.

We’re pleased to announce Jimi “Kalenski” Kallioinen will be joining NYYRIKKI to replace the departing Sami “s4mpo” Heiskanen.

Kalenski enters the lineup with about 12 months experience in competitive Rainbow Six: Siege in his previous team known as Dead Limit. As a calm player that is known as being tilt-proof his focus will be important in the upcoming qualifiers.

s4mpo leaves the lineup as an important figure in the teams development in recent months as Captain and IGL. After joining NYYRIKKI Sami showed great appreciation for the organisation’s needs and standards and was always co-operative. Recent circumstances in his personal life meant that he wasn’t able to put in the time needed for the team to progress as they wanted and therefore the change was necessary.
From everyone at NYYRIKKI we’d like to thank Sami for his professionalism and his essential role carried out in the team and we wish him all the best in the future.

Rainbow Six: Siege Manager Atte “Saltti” Virtanen made a statement regarding the change:

“When we started to look for a replacement, our sights were on players that could perform well, and especially, to do that consistently; Someone who can be put into a tough spot without any doubts of them securing the situation for their team.
This is why eventually our decision fell on Kalenski. He is all of the above, and fit quickly into our style of play. The thing we noticed right from the start was how well we were able to refrag as a team. Also, him playing a year with a single team shows his dedication and loyalty, he is clearly someone who can be a backbone of a team. What I see in him is someone who can add so much value to this team with his experience and input. ”

This is NYYRIKKI R6 going forward:

Atte “Saltti” Virtanen (Manager)
Petri “Vapo” Laiho (Coach)

Otto “pannari” Heikkinen
Teemu “Stigi” Sairi
Aleksi “Movetaho” Kuoppa
Oskari “OSKAMOSKA” Huikko
Jimi “Kalenski” Kallioinen

Over the next month there will be a long qualification process for the team and with the changes made we can now focus on what is ahead. #theHUNT