League of Legends Changes for FeL Season 2!

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First of all we’d like to say thank you for every individual that played a role in our League of Legends expansion. Season 1 of the Finnish esports League was successful for NYYRIKKI with team White finishing 2nd and team Blue finishing 4th.

season 1 final standings:

Season 2 starts on January 14th and NYYRIKKI aims to qualify for the Dreamhack Nordic Championships. Therefore in order to qualify we have made some change to improve both lineups.


Aleksi “Kehvo” Merta
Sami “Sammey” Kartano
Sami “Voluxa” Holappa

Kehvo, Sammey and Voluxa leave NYYRIKKI knowing they played a a vital role in how smooth the launch of the League of Legends expansion was and played a good split with us. Kehvo will be featuring in the LVP UK next season and both Sammey and Voluxa’s plans are undisclosed.


Stass “StenBosse” Skopin
Václav “Kenapil” Maxa
Alex “Azitor” Kanerva
Jere “Selfway” Oikarinen

Markus “Malik” Puoskari (Assistant Coach)

StenBosse is 1 of 2 imports brought into NYYRIKKI, a Swedish Top Laner that has experience representing Sweden in the IESF World Championship 2017 in South Korea. He also has experience in the German #ESLMeisterschaft subbing for Divizion.
Kenapil, the 2nd import is from the Czech Republic and is a Jungler who has joined us after competing in the #ESLMeisterschaft with SPGesports.
Azitor is probably most known for being in Haunted Vikings that then later became FC Lahti Menace. They placed 2nd in Finnish Championships 2017 and has held a position as one of the strongest ADCs, if not the strongest within Finland.
Selfway has arrived after a spell with organization Serenity Gaming competing in the Danish National League and also Danish 2nd Division. Jonsonny is beginning his army service and will remain in the lineup as a substitute.
Malik will be coming in as Assistant Coach to both lineups and improve the coaching staff. His experience in traditional sports and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication will be essential in his role.

Head coach Aleksanteri “ATL” Leinonen made a statement regarding the changes:

#theHUNT shapes up like this, going into Season 2:

Aleksanteri “ATL” Leinonen (Head Coach)
Carlos “JeffoRei” Pinho (Assistant Coach)
Markus “Malik” Puoskari (Assistant Coach)

NYYRIKKI White Roster:

Stass “StenBosse” Skopin (Top Laner)
Václav “Kenapil” Maxa (Jungler)
Elias “Yameru” Jalonen (Mid Laner)
Alex “Azitor” Kanerva (ADC)
Ilmo “Tiara” Rapeli (Support)

Joni ”Jonsonny” Lyömilä (sub Jungler)

NYYRIKKI Blue Roster:

Leo “Flair” Rautio (Top Laner)
Jani “Dexui” Hernesniemi (Jungler)
Arttu “Artum” Mattila (Mid Laner)
Kalle “Yazmat” Ollila (ADC)
Jere “Selfway” Oikarinen (Support)

We cannot wait to begin Season 2 of the Challengermode Finnish esports League! #theHUNT