NYYRIKKI Mutually Parts Ways with R6S Roster

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Today NYYRIKKI and the Rainbow Six: Siege team have parted ways.

We’d like to thank the team for representing our brand and partners so brilliantly at all times over the last 6 months. It hasn’t been an easy ride for the team with a last minute roster change before our Dreamhack Sweden event back in November 2018 and then shortly after former team Captain s4mpo also leaving the roster. However the team have pushed themselves and dealt with these changes in a professional way and recently have have been performing at a whole new level.

NYYRIKKI appreciates the time and dedication the team has showed on their path toward professionalism and we understand their desire to accept a larger offer that we as NYYRIKKI were not ready to match at this time

Entering Rainbow Six: Siege was a risk for us back in August 2018 as we weren’t sure what to expect with fairly limited knowledge of the scene. We are really pleased with the teams development over the last 6 months but more importantly their willingness to work with us and our partners in regards to their public images. Behind the scenes there have been many conversations outside of the game that the team have always taken professionally through talks with me personally and I am really proud of the players and people that they’ve become.

For me, I have loved working with the guys and there is no hard feelings in this situation as we part ways on good terms. I look forward to seeing just how far they can go this season.

– COO Joseph Blewitt

We joined NYYRIKKI with the purpose of finding supporters for our journey of getting into professional esports. From Dreamhack Jönköping to Challenger League, we had quite an interesting past 6 months. NYYRIKKI’s support throughout these months not only affected us as players or staff members, but as individuals too. What we are right now is a completely different team that we were when we joined the organisation. I would like to thank the organisation for providing developing competitive players a platform to improve and grow, as this was something we as a team truly can not emphasise enough. We value our time here, and the time put into us, greatly. And would like to thank NYYRIKKI for everything, their support and dedication, as we move to a new chapter.

– Team Manager Atte “Saltti” Virtanen

We would like to wish our former team the very best of luck in their futures as they look for Pro League qualification.

Atte “Saltti” Virtanen (Manager)
Petri “Vapo” Laiho (Coach)

Otto “pannari” Heikkinen
Teemu “Stigi” Sairi
Aleksi “Movetaho” Kuoppa
Oskari “OSKAMOSKA” Huikko
Jimi “Kalenski” Kallioinen

As for the status of NYYRIKKI, esports is a fast moving industry and therefore we have our own announcement coming soon.