The new-look NYYRIKKI Frost!

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Today we are happy to welcome many changes with the Frost team as we look to continue our preparations for the upcoming Open Division season beginning this weekend.


Xavier “CommanderX” Hardy vacates the role of Head Coach

Coming into NYYRIKKI, I was looking for an opportunity to increase my experience working day in, day out with a team. I couldn’t of asked for much better, the org, staff, and players have been so welcoming and a pleasure to work with. From here I move on to look for new opportunities and I’d like to wish the best to both Frost and Ice as they move into next Open Division season.

– Xavier “CommanderX” Hardy

We’d like to thank Xavier for his hard work over recent months as Head Coach of Frost and we wish him all the best in the future.


Aaron “FlexG” Kay joins the main lineup after recent months of loyal work behind the scenes as substitute.
Tzor “Knasen” Dahan joins the lineup as the teams new off-tank, former player for TopDogs.
Joonas “JoonasD6” Mäkinen joins the team as mental coach, he has been teaching various subjects for 10 years focusing on mental coaching and has a background in medical sciences.
Miku “perry” Airaksinen moves to the Head Coach position after months of supporting the team as Player Development Coach.

I’m excited to be taking over the head coach responsibilities. It’s a completely new challenge to me, one that I take very seriously. I took on this challenge, knowing that we have a team of great, strong-willed players who have clear ideas of how to play the game.
Moving forward, I will be looking for the best ways to utilize the combined skills and knowledge of our fantastic players, in order to achieve our goals. As head coach, I intend to focus on helping the players develop themselves and the entire Frost team by guiding and supporting them continuously.

– Miku “perry” Airaksinen

The lineup is now as follows:

Jussi “SKIPAH” Mehtälä – DPS
Aaron “FlexG” Kay – DPS
Dennis “Dennia” Forsblom – Support
Toni “Brokkie” Sauhke – Support
Leo “Lepa” Norpila – Tank
Tzor “Knasen” Dahan – Tank