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Today we’re pleased to announce the signing of Zakaria “Huikee” Al Masri and Eemi-Nikolai “embo” Luomi as from this point they will be representing NYYRIKKI in the Fortnite competitive scene.

Zakaria is 19 years old and from Vantaa. He started his esports career in LoL watching the LCS and most events for motivation to be one of the top performing esports players, he achieved a respectable casual rank of Platinum before he left the LoL scene to pursue his own career. Zakaria is now an extremely talented Fortnite player that fell in love with Fortnite because of its unique features and he immediately saw the potential in the title. He takes his craft seriously he always goes through his warmup routines on stream before competitions.

Eemi is from Nummela, Finland. At the age of 23 he has aspirations of competing at the highest level in Fortnite. He is known as a skilled player but with a good sense of humour. When he gets the rare chance he loves to play CSGO but when he’s not on Fortnite he’s spending quality time with his friends. He loves most music, mostly hip hop/rap & deep house.

I speak on behalf of the management in saying we’re very pleased that we managed to sign these talented players as we understand both guys have big aspirations to compete at the top.

Competitive Fortnite has been an interest of ours for a long time and finally we managed to put pen to paper as we wanted to sign 2 individuals that could give some of the younger competitive audience a target to reach. I can’t wait to see the guys competing and representing the NYYRIKKI brand as their careers propel forwards.

– Joseph Blewitt, COO

You can view the players pages here:

Zakaria “Huikee” Al Masri
Eemi-Nikolai “embo” Luomi

Currently both players are competing in the champion arena and will be testing themselves vs the best in upcoming qualifiers and tournaments. This weekend they’ll be competing in a World Cup warmup tournament before the World Cup stars in 2 weeks, lasting for 10 weeks and rotating between solos and duos each weekend.