LoL Roster Announcement

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After a more than successful last split, we are very proud to have achieve what we did by reaching the big stage of EU Masters. Being the leading team in the Finnish scene was great and we couldn’t have been happier with the support we received on our journey.

At the end of our split we released all of our players so they could explore new options and we had a lot of positive feedback from those individuals moving into this split.

We’re pleased to have re-signed former NYYRIKKI players:
Elias “Yameru” Jialonen
Jere “Selfway” Oikarinen.
Jani “Dexui” Hernesniemi
Leo “Flair” Rautio
Arttu “Artum” Mattila
Kalle “Yazmat” Ollila

All of which had impressive spells in the last split and deserve a spot in our organization going forward.

We also welcome back former Head Coach Aleksanteri “ATL” Leinonen.

ATL had a huge impact on the last split as he was coaching both the main lineup and the 2nd lineup. He can be proud in his achievements as a Head Coach and we are happy to welcome him back to the organization.

NYYRIKKI welcomes the following new faces:
Pierre-Antoine “TamoZ” Gau-Verdon
Nemanja “Nemky” Josimov
Sebastian “Seffe” Tenn
Elmeri “Eunha” Mahlamäki
Anselmi “Simpli” Rintanen
Pietari “Pietrox” Hirvensalo

We are also welcoming 2 new coaches:
Mauro Garih
Gregorio “Shere” Santos Crespo

I’m really happy to work with this organization in a project with a lot of potential working in a “10 man roster”, here 12 man. My previous experience was mainly in MAD Lions in the Spanish league and as Head Coach in the Italian and German scene. I feel this project without the proper coaching staff would be very hard to execute as it needs the absolute dedication of everyone of the members to succeed (coaches and players). Working as a traditional 10 man we try to force every player to situations they are not accustomed to and get them out of comfort zone. My role here is to be sure everyone is having the right mentality to help every single person push themselves further and develop themselves as a player and person.

– Mauro Garih, NYYRIKKI LoL Head Coach.

The lineup is now as follows:

Mauro Garih – Head Coach
Shere – Assistant Coach
ATL – Assistant Coach

TamoZ – Top Laner
Dexui – Jungler
Yameru – Mid Laner
Nemky – ADC
Seffe – Support
Selfway – Support (Sub)

Flair – Top Laner
Eunha – Jungler
Artuma – Mid Laner
Simpli – Mid Laner (Sub)
Yazmat – ADC
Pietrox – Support

I am very happy with the players and coaching staff that we have. Every single one of these individuals brings something valuable to the project and I couldn’t be happier to welcome back old faces and also welcome in the new ones. The Finnish Esports League season 3 is destined to be a very competitive one and that’s the reason why we’ve began the split by having paid casters and observers for our matches, to showcase the talent we have and also promote the Finnish LoL scene as it deserves the recognition.

– Joseph Blewitt, NYYRIKKI COO.