karizma vacates COO role as höpö steps up!

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Today we have some sad news but also good news to bring to the NYYRIKKI family as there are management changes. 

Founding member of #theHUNT Joseph “karizma” Blewitt will be taking an oversight and backseat role with us from this day forward. This decision has been made by him and we have all been working behind the scenes on the changes necessary to facilitate the change. 

Joining NYYRIKKI as a heavily involved waterboy in 2017 was an opportunity for me to show that I am worth something to esports and I can offer something outside of me pursuing my own professional gaming career. Starting as a Social Media Assistant and learning to manage streamers, players, other staff and my own time has been a challenge and something I thoroughly enjoy.

This decision has been a difficult one for me as I am essentially distancing myself day-to-day from a brand I’ve nurtured for 2 years. Watching players and staff arrive at NYYRIKKI and having the satisfaction in helping them develop has been a great experience whilst working with amazing people in our management that genuinely put the players/staff first.

I am truly grateful for those who welcomed me in the Finnish scene when we began the build of a brand that has great ethics back in late 2017. Those people know who they are and those relationships I’m proud to have.

Last month I was contacted and offered a full time role in esports with another European organization (TBA). Living the esports dream is something that I’ve been tirelessly working towards for a long time and it is the only reason why I would have even considered stepping back from NYYRIKKI day-to-day.

Moving forward I have full trust in höpö to deliver NYYRIKKI’s vision and push us forward, he is someone that has been involved behind the scenes with the management and understands the important process necessary to be the driving force behind the brand.

Joseph Blewitt, NYYRIKKI Partner.


Sami “höpö” Lehto has been involved in NYYRIKKI management now for a good amount of time, the time management, professionalism and enthusiasm for players/staff needs has made him an ideal candidate for the position.

I’m extremely excited to step in as the new General Manager and COO of NYYRIKKI Esports. Joseph has done a massive amount of work in our organization, and I am very humbled to build upon the foundation that he has laid for us. On behalf of the whole organization, I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours, and make sure that I, myself, work incredibly hard to make you all proud.

That being said, I have great plans for the future of NYYRIKKI, and have already started with the rebuild of our Overwatch team. I will put a lot of focus in the internal and external communication of the organization, which will have a big impact on our partners, players and staff members, as I want to take NYYRIKKI to the next level.

To the NYYRIKKI-family, watch this space!

Sami Lehto, NYYRIKKI COO and General Manager.