NYYRIKKI day 2021 Wrap-up

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Here’s a quick wrap-up on all the announcements we had to share on Nyyrikkis name day on the 10th of January.

– We’re happy with our League of Legends roster and we’re eagerly awaiting for the start of the new season on the 18th. Our academy program is also up and running with the soon-to-be chosen players and the training will begin soon after that. We’re looking forward to the potential our players will show on the Rift!

REBRAND! We are streamlining our look to be more clean & to evoke the feel of the northern Finnish spirit. Our lovely undead skull with the fancy stetson will stay though.

– Our very own podcast is a reality! It’s a biweekly podcast hosted by höpö & Chupe with guests and news from all around the esports scene! 🗣️🎙️ 1st Episode is LIVE 🔴 on YouTube & Soundcloud (more to follow).

Be sure to subscribe to our channels for notifications, listen to our podcast and give us feedback! It’s only the first episode and we’re eagerly looking for ways to improve on how to make the show even better!


That’s it for #NYYRIKKIday2021! Hope you enjoyed our announcements!

See you guys next year!


About NYYRIKKI esports

NYYRIKKI esports is a professional esports organization, which was first launched in July 31st 2017 and is based in Helsinki, Finland. The team has since then competed in many national and international competitions in various esports titles and has also found many successes in the form of trophies and high place finishes against the best the scene has to offer bringing recognition to #theHUNT. Currently NYYRIKKI wields teams in popular esport titles, such as League of Legends. With numerous achievements on and off the digital areas in the past and present, NYYRIKKI aims toward the future with sustainable growth accompanied by even more successes to make NYYRIKKI a name to remember.