höpö steps down as General Manager

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Sami “höpö” Lehto will step down as GM of NYYRIKKI.

We thank Sami for all of his hard work that he has done for NYYRIKKI in the past two years and we wish him all well in his future endeavors!

But this is not a final goodbye as he will still lurk around #theHUNT

It has been an amazing two years at NYYRIKKI, and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that Martti gave me when I got promoted to be the General Manager of NYYRIKKI Esports. I was a complete rookie for the role, and I feel like the organization took a bit of a risk when they let me take the wheel.

This organization has always been very different from others. I have always appreciated the transparency and honesty that is the building block of NYYRIKKI. I have been able to do exactly what I want with this organization, and all of my ideas, even the dumb ones, have been met with interest rather than an immediate “No”.

As I am stepping down from the role of General Manager, I cannot help not to feel a bit sad. Even though I’m moving upwards in my own career, I probably would have loved to be the GM of NYYRIKKI for the rest of my life.

I have been offered a fantastic opportunity to work as the Esports Coaching Manager at Raahe Business College, which is a dream come true for me. Coaching in esports has always been a passion of mine, and now I’m able to develop myself not only as a coach, but as a teacher as well, which is something I have been dreaming of for the past few years.

I will make sure to stay close to all members of NYYRIKKI, and I still have plenty of ideas that I want to introduce within the organization.

Oh, and I still have a podcast to run.

Sami “höpö” Lehto

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NYYRIKKI esports is a professional esports organization, which was first launched in July 31st 2017 and is based in Helsinki, Finland. The team has since then competed in many national and international competitions in various esports titles and has also found many successes in the form of trophies and high place finishes against the best the scene has to offer bringing recognition to #theHUNT. Currently NYYRIKKI wields teams in popular esport titles, such as League of Legends. With numerous achievements on and off the digital areas in the past and present, NYYRIKKI aims toward the future with sustainable growth accompanied by even more successes to make NYYRIKKI a name to remember.