NYYRIKKI January ’19 Report

Streamer Figures

NYYRIKKI streamers through Twitch have reached a total of 120k+ viewers. (In every stream Trust are advertised)
Mikkis has reached a total audience of 250k+ views on Youtube in January (Trust being promoted constantly) as well as a video entirely dedicated to promoting Trust’s products.

Twitter Promotion

Trust has featured in multiple videos from pannari’s stream that show the Trust Gaming Logo. This video specifically reached 150k people.

Instagram Promotion


NYYRIKKI held a bootcamp for Ice where all players got familiar with their new products, these were then used and promoted at Assembly Winter 2019.
NYYRIKKI Frost attended Assembly Winter 2019 and placed 3rd, only 2 top EU Contenders teams placed higher.

League of Legends

NYYRIKKI White secured a Nordic Championships spot for NYYRIKKI after a great season.

Rainbow Six: Siege

NYYRIKKI secured 2nd seed in the Challenger League Playoffs after 4 tough weeks.