NYYRIKKI Esports Oy was first launched July 31st 2017 based in Espoo, Finland.

Our brand ethos is supporting individuals as best we can so that they can fulfil their careers. Working with esports schools and building teams from the ground up has been a huge part of our brand, that being said we have been successful in securing 2 LAN Championships.

NYYRIKKI’s management has over a decade in experience within esports from multiple different areas such as player management, financing, talent scouting and marketing professionals with almost 30 years of esports knowledge.

Our organisation has increased in capacity to meet the increasing demand of our development, currently we have 14 staff members working for our organisation. Our reputation among fans, players and other esport professionals reflects our duty of care.



NYYRIKKI Esports is Professional Esports team based in Helsinki, Finland. The name Nyyrikki comes from the very depths of Finnish Mythology, the Kalevala. Nyyrikki was the Finnish God of hunting who ruled the hunt.