Mikkis Mikkoville Palm

Born (age)23


Mikkis is 23 years old from Hämeenlinna. He started streaming on youtube originally because it was considered the #1 video gaming platform for content. He used to be a top3 Hearthstone player in Finland for a few seasons and was in the top 100 in Europe in those seasons. He’s also played LoL and WoW. Outside of gaming he has trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling (Finnish wrestling champion at the age of 17), kickboxing and baseball. Mikkis has an education as an electrician and in security work.

You can watch him stream every day:
Monday 18:00-22:00/23:00
Tuesday 18:00-22:00/23:00
Wednesday 18:00-22:00/23:00
Thursday 18:00-22:00/23:00
Friday 18:00-22:00/23:00.
Weekend Random Streams!