BAITO Samuli Karppinen

Nationalityfin Finland
GameOverwatch, Streamer
Born (age)19


Samuli is 19 years old but has been a part of esports since the age of 12. His notable recent achievement is winning ESM 2017 with ENCE beating Gigantti in the Grand Final. With a peak SR of 4628 he is a very talented individual that came from TF2 where he was the team leader and captain of PremTech where he finished top 2 and top 3 in Europe. Coming from a sports background where he competed in soccer and bandy he combines eating clean with stretching essential muscles before practising and competing in official matches. He is also a member of the city counsil of Kempele after he was elected last year but his pride and passion firmly remains in Overwatch. Samuli is a lover of music, sports and being himself which you can definitely see on his stream.