#theHUNT | Our brand ethos on supporting our individual players and being a great community to our fans.

Despite being a relatively small organization in the field of esports in Finland, NYYRIKKI strives for excellence in everything we do: sometimes it requires long hours, other times a lot of ingenuity and creativity, but most of the time it’s a little bit of both. And always with the full support of our team. This mentality has yielded NYYRIKKI many successes in various esports titles such as League of Legends and Overwatch even with our relative short time being in the scene.

“In Finnish folk beliefs Nyyrikki was a singular entity, a male nature spirit who lived in the forests. Born to son of the god of the forest, Tapio, and the mistress of the woods, Mielikki, Nyyrikki was described as being well built, noble, and very handsome; he wore a blue vest and red cap. In bogs, Nyyrikki was said to lay stones in such a way as to allow travelers to cross safely and looked after the safety of hunters” Bane, Theresa 1969. Encyclopedia of Fairies in World Folklore and Mythology, 255. 

Just as Nyyrikki grands safe passage and watches over others in Finland’s epic poetry Kalevala, so too does NYYRIKKI. We scout, train and work with extremely talented individuals and support their ambitions to the best of our abilities so that they can reach their highest potential, which translates well towards their successful careers. In addition we collaborate with esports-focused schools to help build programs from the ground up, and other businesses to show the joy and potential of esports as a whole to a wider audience. 

The same support we give our players and our community, is given back to us by our amazing fans, who have witnessed many defeats, but also tremendous victories. Whether it is echoing #theHUNT online on streams, cheering us on on Twitter or coming to say “hi” during LAN events, every interaction goes a long way encouraging us and is highly appreciated. That kind of support that our fans give us every single day makes us want to exceed their wildest expectations. 

Our reputation among fans, players and other esport professionals within the scene reflects our duty of care and the will to excel, day in and day out.

Hopefully this text gave you a quick glimpse on our values and operations here at NYYRIKKI. Check us out more on our website, remember to follow our socials and join #theHUNT!